Terms and Conditions: Image Licensing Agreement

Last updated: April 15th, 2024

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By ticking the box for “I agree to the terms and conditions herein”, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

1. Service Description

The Kogia Oceanic Library, operated by Kogia, is a nonprofit free media library of marine photography and video content. The purpose of the Library is to support small conservation organizations, nonprofits, scientists, researchers, activists, and educators working to protect our oceans by providing access to high-quality media.

2. Usage Terms

2.1 Permitted Uses:

You ("User") may use the media provided by the Kogia Oceanic Library for the following purposes:

  • Non-commercial videos (educational, conservation, campaigns)
  • Nonprofit fundraising (videos, pitches, materials)
  • Social Media
  • Web usage
  • Educational exhibitions
  • Educational printed materials
  • Awareness/Conservation/Activist Campaigns
  • Small-scale art projects

2.2 Prohibited Uses:

User shall not:

  • Sell, give away, or sublicense to third parties (other people or organizations)
  • Sell or give away as prints using Kogia media
  • Use media sourced from outside the Oceanic Library section of Kogia’s website

3. Termination

Either party has the right to terminate the membership at any point.

4. Crediting

User agrees to provide appropriate credit to Kogia and the contributor whenever possible, in order to support ongoing ocean conservation efforts. User shall adhere to the following guidelines for crediting Kogia across various platforms and uses:

  • User shall use the watermarked versions of photos when possible
  • On Social Media: User shall tag Kogia and credit the contributor in the caption when possible.
  • On Web: User shall backlink Kogia’s website (https://kogia.org) when possible.
  • Partner Section on User's Website: User may include Kogia’s logo in the partners section on User's website.
  • In Videos: If video credits are included, User shall ensure to include Kogia and the contributor of footage within the credits when possible. If applicable, User shall include the contributor as well as Kogia in the video description as "footage contributed by Kogia (with backlink)."

5. Membership Duration and Media Usage

5.1 Membership Duration:

Users may access and utilize the media provided by the Kogia Oceanic Library only for the duration of their valid membership.

5.2 Media Usage:

Upon cancellation of membership, whether initiated by the member or by Kogia, the user forfeits all rights to use any media obtained from the Kogia Oceanic Library, even if such media was downloaded or accessed during the period of valid membership.

5.3 Termination of Membership:

In the event of termination of membership, the user must promptly delete or otherwise cease using all media obtained from the Kogia Oceanic Library.

5.4 Misuse of Media:

Misuse of media and violation of the Terms and Condition can result in termination of membership and potential legal recourse.

6. Miscellaneous

Any amendments or modifications to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

By ticking the box, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions herein.